Salwa Muhammad Ali: I liked the movie “Gaza Monamour” because it is a tribute to Egyptian cinema news


Actress Salwa Muhammad Ali expressed her great admiration for the film “Gaza Monamour”, explaining that she felt that it was greeted by the film directors to the Egyptian cinema.

In the seminar that followed the screening of the film and attended by its producer, she said that she felt that the two directors were influenced by Egyptian cinema, especially Salah Abu Seif, and recovered through some scenes footage from Egyptian films.

She emphasized that the film is bold in its approach to the topics or some of the words and scenes that were shown, thanking the directors for what they presented.

The events of the film revolve around Jesus, the sixtieth fish seller, who falls in love with the arrows of the widow, his neighbor, in the market, but before he declares his love to her, he finds a statue of Aphrodite in the sea that disrupts his love story and enters him into unexpected situations.

“Gaza Monamour” directed by Arab Nasser, Tarzan Nasser, and it is the film that Palestine chose to represent it in the Oscar competitions for the best foreign language film.

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