Salah Abdullah: I dreamed of the Oscars and the Festival de Cannes, and in the end I reconciled with Kony Snead


Artist Salah Abdullah said that he is invited to many festivals to get prizes but he does not agree, and this is what makes his history not have a large number of awards, and he added that he agreed to invite the Alexandria Festival due to the great interest of the festival management, and he also talked about the importance of the second role. Al-Sunaid, “indicating that he had reached tolerance for himself as he was playing the second round, saying:” I have always dreamed of the Oscars and the Festival de Cannes, but now my dream has grown old and helpless, but my life has not ceased to dream, and in the end I reconciled with me as a representative of Sneed. “

Salah Abdullah also revealed that he loves to be called an actor or my personalities, or my mockery when he used to present more theater than a star, indicating that his value as an actor is more than any other title, during his interview in the program “Last Word” with Lamis El Hadidy, on Channel ONEAnd Abdullah added: “The most important thing for the actor is to be loved, and this is what I feel when I meet my fans in the poet and they show their love.”.

It is noteworthy that the “Final Word” program is presented by the media, Lamees El Hadidy, from Saturday to Tuesday on the “On” channel, at exactly nine in the evening.. The artist, Salah Abdullah, had recently denied his participation in the events of the second part of the series “The Game” starring Hisham Majed, Sheiko and Rania Youssef, stressing that these words have no basis of truth and are not true, and the filming of the series “Counter Attack” is scheduled to be completed. The star Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry is considered one of the works expected to compete strongly in the Ramadan 2021 drama season, especially as it includes a large group of first-grade stars, as well as dealing with a real story from the reality of the Egyptian intelligence files, and the series is written by Baher Dewidar and directed by Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb.


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