Rabie Yassin: The youth team is in danger before the North African Championship in Tunisia


Rabih Yassin, the technical director of the youth team, called on all officials to pay attention to the team and provide a special time for him to travel to Tunisia early and accompany a suitable number of players in light of Corona’s injuries. The youth team with Saudi Arabia, especially since this is the last camp for the national team before the official qualifiers. Nine players were absent and I would like to travel to lock the players after the qualifying schedule arrives. ”

“I wrote a memorandum to the Football Association that the youth team should travel to Tunisia on December 6, so that the players participate in the Egyptian Cup Final, and I refuse to delay this date. I do not complain or make a mistake, but I fear the reputation of the Egyptian national team, the youth team is in danger,” said Rabie Yassin. The supervisor of the national team was present in the presence of Mahmoud Saad, about the seriousness of the matter in yesterday’s session.

“I agreed on two friendlies, the first on December 4 with the National Bank and the second with El-Gouna on December 8th. These friendlies will be the last for the youth team,” the coach added.

And Rabie Yassin added, “I am afraid of Corona’s injuries and it was in the suggestion that we accompany two players more so that if Corona injuries occurred, the game would be with us in the hotel and we would seek the help of any of them, for example we take 26 players or 30 and it is necessary to travel Badri.”

Regarding the draw, Rabie Yassin said, “I am ready to play any team with me.”

The North African Championship draw, scheduled for next month in Tunisia, which qualifies for the 2021 African Youth Cup in Mauritania, resulted in our national youth team, led by Rabie Yassin, led by his Libyan counterpart, at the opening of the Pharaohs’ journey in the tournament.

Cairo Our national team Shabab will have its counterpart Libya on December 15th, at the “El Menza” stadium, at 2:00 pm Cairo time, with the Tunisian counterpart on the 18th of the same month to face “Rades” stadium.

Our team will meet its Algerian counterpart on the 24th at the “El Menza” stadium, and the youth of the Pharaohs will conclude their confrontations in the tournament by meeting the Moroccan team, on December 27th, at the “El Menza” stadium, provided that all the matches of our team will be held at 2 pm Cairo local time.


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