Qais Sheikh Najib recalls his late father with a moving message


Syrian actor Qais Sheikh Najib sent an emotional message to his late father, the Syrian director Muhammad Sheikh Najib, on the eighth anniversary of his death.He published a picture of his late father on his page on Instagram and commented on it: “The most important thing is to pay tribute to your absence … the time to see you with the eyes of the people who will know you and follow what they know you when you see me and say to me God bless your father and look from the heart … He always reminds you of love, respect, a smile and an eye. He added: “You dug your way out in the hearts of people without any falsehood or pretense. I was real with your condition and with others to the point of intoxication, and I was safe, I felt in it, and you wanted to reach the point of rebellion, and at the same time you were the person who followed life in love with the biggest and the smallest of its details.”

He concluded by saying: “May God have mercy on you, my beloved father, and make your rest in Paradise. He will have mercy on all your loved ones and be patient with their separation.”


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