Prosecution against former army officers and commander … What is the charge? Phalanges


8 officers, including a former army chief, were charged under the Illicit Enrichment Act.

Information indicated that the officers’ file was sued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office before the Public Prosecutor in Beirut, who in turn was charged before the First Investigative Judge in Beirut, Acting Charbel Abu Samra, for the first time under the Illicit Enrichment Law.
The prosecution was carried out against 8 officers, including the former army commander, General Jean Kahwagi, the former director of intelligence, Brigadier General Edmond Fadel, the director of Beirut Intelligence, Brigadier General George Khamis, and the office manager of the former army commander Muhammad al-Husseini, in addition to four other officers.
LBCI has learned that Judge Charbel Abu Samra has scheduled a session next Wednesday to hear the defendant officers.

Source: LBCI


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