President of “Ross Nano”: Green hydrogen is a challenge and a promising opportunity for Russia


Kirill Kallinikov

President of the Russian “Ross Nano” company / Anatoly Chubais

The president of the Russian “Ross Nano” company said today, Tuesday, that Russia has huge potential for development in the field of “green hydrogen”, which can be obtained from renewable energy capabilities.

This came during a speech delivered by Chubais at the session of the Russian-European Conference on Climate, where he said that hydrogen for Russia represents a challenge and opportunities at the same time within the range of 20-30-40 years, as the president of the Russian company referred to the unique resource that Russia enjoys, and the potential And the conditions for dealing in particular with “green hydrogen” produced using renewable energy installations.

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“At the strategic level, this opportunity in Russia is very impressive,” Chubais added. “I have mentioned the numbers on the capacity of renewable energy plants that are in operation in Russia, and in parallel with a second specialized step, and with the efficient use of added value in the full sense of this word, it can All this becomes the basis for creating a strong Russian industry in this field. ”

Chubais also noted that Russia and Europe are linked by a gas infrastructure worth tens of billions of dollars, which is a strategic infrastructure, as “we realize that the twenties of the twenty-first century is the peak of coal consumption in the world, the thirties are the peak of oil consumption, and the forties are the peak of gas consumption. and what?”.

Anatoly Chubais concluded his speech by calling for thinking about what might happen to Russia and these infrastructures after the forties of the current century, and this is “the size of the task that must be considered in 20-30 years, no less,” according to his expression.

“Green hydrogen” is sometimes called “future oil”, and it is hydrogen extracted through the process of electrolysis of water by relying on energy from renewable energy sources, thus achieving a complete cycle that produces environmentally friendly fuel, because hydrogen in itself is a clean fuel used in Hydrogen fuel cells to power cars, the only emission of which is water.

Since the traditional process of obtaining hydrogen now relies on fossil fuels, this process will still be harmful to the environment, but relying on environmentally friendly sources, will turn this hydrogen into a clean and potentially fully sustainable production cycle.

And with the renewable energy sector being the fastest growing in the world, including hydrogen fuels, it is likely that a large number of hydrogen production companies will emerge in the coming decades.

The renewable industry sector is witnessing the launch of a large number of “green hydrogen” production projects around the world, as the global production of green hydrogen projects exceeded 20 gigawatts, and the year 2020 was an exceptional year in the field of green hydrogen development. The report of “Strategy & Middle East” predicted The global market for the export of “green hydrogen” will reach about 300 billion dollars by 2050, and it is estimated that the global demand for “green hydrogen” will reach about 530 metric tons by 2050, as a substitute for burning about 10.4 billion barrels of oil.

Source: Sputnik + RT


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