Playstation 5 Jarir offers, discount on Sony 5 Jarir


Jarir PlayStation 5 Offers Jarir Bookstore is the first in terms of customer demand for it to order various purchases of devices, especially as it offers many different and distinct offers through the Jarir Electronics Festival, through which the customer gets many of the devices he wants at competitive prices and among these devices Playstation 5 devices and this is what we will learn about in this article.

Playstation 5 offers Jarir Many users within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia want to get a PlayStation 5 device at a premium price, so they are looking for PlayStation 5 offers Jarir, because it provides them with this device at a low price through the PlayStation 5 price in Saudi Arabia, and below we will learn about the PlayStation 5 price as well as Playstation 5 accessories.

Sony 5 Greer

Jarir Bookstore provided the Sony Jarir 5 device at an excellent price, and through the next few words we will learn about the Sony Jarir 5 device price and the accessories offered by the library:

  • Sony Playstation 5 Console Edition, which is connected to it through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the device comes in white and has a storage capacity of eight hundred and twenty-five GB. The user can also play online and can be operated through a 220-volt power source. The Jarir Bookstore offers this device at a price Two thousand two hundred and ninety-nine riyals.
  • Sony Playstation 5 Digital Edition This device also comes with a storage capacity of eight hundred and twenty-five GB, and the device comes in white, vertical design (standing), and it is provided by Jarir Bookstore through its various branches around the Kingdom at a price of one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine Saudi riyals.

Playstation 5 accessories

As for the accessories for PlayStation 5 devices, Jarir Bookstore has provided many different accessories such as Sony’s controllers, as well as various games. Below we will show the price of the Sony console:

  • Sony DualSense black wireless controller provided by the library at a price of three hundred and forty-nine Saudi riyals.

The library also provided new types of games that owners of recent versions of the Playstation may need, namely:

  • Marvel Spider Man Ultimate, which is the most action and adventure game, comes at a price of two hundred and ninety-nine Saudi riyals.
  • FIFA 21, which is the most requested in the Arab world and the world, comes with a Blu-ray disc, and it is one of the games that can be reserved in the library’s branches until it becomes available.

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