Pictures: This is the humble, secluded place where Maradona died !!


The death of Diego Maradona surprised the football world, but the pictures of the humble home where he passed away were more surprising and provoked outrage, as he stayed in a makeshift bedroom on the ground floor of the house in San Andres, containing a private bathroom and was connected to the kitchen, a place that affects him Noise, no comfort.
There is no clear answer as to how or why Maradona did not rent a better place, but his poor condition was another factor in the chain of errors that prompted Judge Orlando Diaz to investigate under the heading “Wrong Death”.
Where he was in this house, he was completely alone and separated from those who slept in it, there was no place for the nurses, and he arrived there on the eleventh of November.
It is true that Diego did not die of discomfort at home, but the San Isidro attorney’s office believes that the heart attack that ended his life could have been avoided had conditions at home been better, which is why the investigation continues.


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