Paula is threatened with death after refusing to stand a minute of silence at Maradona – the athlete – international stadiums


Paula Dapina, 24, received death threats after protesting to stand a minute of silence in honor of Argentine legend Diego Maradona, after his death last week.

Under normal circumstances, a mid-season friendly match between the women’s teams in Deportivo La Coruña and Vajis Interrias “F.F” would fail to make international headlines.

However, as the two teams observed a minute of silence in honor of Maradona, who passed away last week, Paula Dapina, a player from Villages Interrias, sat on the pitch in protest at the tribute to Maradona.

Dabina is famous among her teammates for being a woman with strong female values, and she revealed that when she reached Earth in Abegundo, she did not know that there would be a minute of mourning for Maradona.

“As soon as I learned that there would be a minute of silence, I refused to observe a minute of silence for Maradona, who was famous for practicing domestic violence,” said Paula Dapina.

The newspaper “AS”, to this decision Paula Dapina, was met with strong global reactions, especially in Argentina, and the player says: “I do not remember the number of interviews I gave since my refusal to stand a minute of silence, for which I received a lot of abuse from a number of social media platforms. With some of my team mates being targeted as well. ”

She added: “It was not just an abuse, but there were death threats, with other messages claiming that they are planning to find my address, track down and break my leg. There are some comments that I am willing to give up, but I am keen to reveal some of these threats, and perhaps inform me.” The police reported some threats, and I am considering all options at the moment. ”

She explained, “What I was protesting was simply the fact that two days ago it was the International Day for the Elimination of Domestic Violence against Women, and I feel that it is somewhat hypocritical that we keep silence for a minute for Maradona, who is famous for practicing domestic violence.”

She also said: “I discovered before the match that there was a tribute to Maradona before the start of the match, and that was when I decided that I would not participate in such an honor, and when I went to the field, I decided to turn my back and sit on the ground, especially since the honor coincided with the same International Judicial Day. On violence against women. ”



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