Oil prices continue to decline – the voice of the Emirates


Washington – The Voice of the Emirates

She continued Oil prices The decline today, Tuesday, after the OPEC Plus ministerial meeting failed to reach a consensus on production levels beginning next year.

The benchmark Brent crude fell 0.2% to $ 47.80 a barrel, after falling by more than 1% yesterday. West Texas Intermediate crude futures fell 0.1% to 45.28 dollars, after falling 0.4% in the previous session.

And the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries declared (OPECThe ministerial meeting of the OPEC Plus coalition has been postponed to Thursday.

The alliance is facing increasing pressure from US shale oil producers, who have already begun to increase production.

The ministers are discussing whether to proceed as planned in adding two million barrels of oil to current production beginning in January or maintaining the levels of cuts that have already helped in the recovery of oil prices, at a time when many countries with major economies are still suffering. From a second wave of the Coronavirus outbreak.



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