News 24 | SABIC reveals that it has developed two types of specialized healthcare materials


The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation “SABIC” revealed that it has developed two types of specialized materials that are used in health care and personal care applications, such as cosmetics, toothpaste and soap.

The company’s executive vice president for petrochemicals, Abdul Rahman Al-Faqih, stated that the polyethylene glycol productsSAPEG 400/600 PHThey are considered as feedstocks used in the production of personal care products and liquid pharmaceutical preparations.

He explained that these products are expected to contribute to creating investments in the manufacturing industries associated with this promising industry, pointing out that offering these products in the local and global markets is an important contribution to enriching and enhancing SABIC’s solutions in the field of health and personal care.

He added that the company has obtained all international approvals related to these applications, in accordance with the requirements of the legislative authorities in both the European Union and the United States of America, stressing that the company seeks to provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of consumers.


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