News 24 | Including hearing loss .. “Fahd Medical” warns of the dangers of “cholesteatoma” and explains its symptoms and complications


Today (Wednesday), King Fahd Medical City warned of the dangerous complications resulting from neglecting the treatment of cholesteatoma, including gradual hearing loss.

She showed that cholesteatoma is the growth of a skin sac in the middle ear, and it occurs as a result of chronic ear infections, and in rare cases it is congenital and not cancerous, and it can lead to tissue erosion and the destruction of the ear.

The symptoms of the disease are secretions from the ear, a foul smell from the ear, dizziness and a gradual loss of hearing, while its complications included damage to the delicate structures inside the ear, and blood secretion from the ear.

Complications also included paralysis in half of the face, tinnitus, and in rare cases meningitis and brain abscess, and the disease is treated with antibiotics, ear drops or surgery.

Including hearing loss .. "Fahd Medical" Dangers Warning "Cholesteatoma" And explain its symptoms and complications


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