“New” The prestige series, the response, full episode 25, on MBC, and surprising events and renewed conflict


The prestige series The Response begins with a full episode of 25 on MBC, which is shown on the screens of MBC, and this is after the new episodes of the Syrian drama series witnessed a set of exciting situations and events that attracted the approval of millions of viewers in various parts of the Arab world during these days, and therefore we are in the Katrulina news site We follow with you in detail the events and leaks of the episode of the prestigious 25 series, the fourth part, which enjoys high views across all channels that carry it, whether MBC or Ruya channel and the Lebanese MTV channel.

The prestige series Response Episode 25 Part IV

The events of the new episodes of the prestige series revolve around the love story that suddenly arises between Jabal and Rania, as “Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal” begins to reveal his love for her, and the latter responds to him and a very strong love relationship arises between them, which is what happens in light of differences Strong between “Jabal” and “Happy Tiger”, who tries to distort his image in front of everyone and convince some that he is drug dealers.

Millions of viewers are waiting for episode 25 of the prestige series to be shown in the coming hours, in order to see the new and unexpected events taking place in the next episode, which are sure to affect the course of events during the upcoming episodes of the fourth part.

Leaked prestige episode 25 on MBC

The episode of the prestige series is shown on the frequencies of the MBC channel, Ruya channel, as well as the Lebanese MTV channel, and this is from Sunday evening until Thursday of every week, and this series has succeeded in achieving high rates of viewership between Arab and Syrian drama audiences over the past four parts.

And according to what was reported by some websites, the new episode of the prestigious series Al-Jabal 25 is sure to witness renewed conflict between “Jabal” and “Nimr Al-Saeed”, and Shaheen will have a major role in saving a mountain from the trap set by Nimr Al-Saeed with regard to the issue. Drug dealing.


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