New health recommendations in America … and “shock” regarding the Corona vaccine for children


This comes within a new approach that health departments in Washington seek to balance flexibly between working to contain the virus and limit its spread in order to ensure the continuation of the economic wheel in the country, especially since the previous period represented by 14 days, which was being talked about since the beginning of the epidemic, was considered one The reasons many people lose their jobs are because they are absent from work for a long time.

And it increased from The financial and economic consequences associated with Corona, Until the new recommendations came to reduce the period of quarantine, which, although it was considered that it carries some risk in terms of health, as the virus lives an incubation period inside the body of the infected for a period of 14 days, but it takes into account the economic factor and its effects on individuals and their lives and their ability to adhere to health and preventive measures .

As for those who intend to travel, she indicated New health recommendations in America He indicated that it is preferable to conduct an examination to detect infection with the Coronavirus within a period of one to 3 days, provided that this examination is repeated again 5 days after his return from his destination.

These health guidelines and instructions were accompanied by the high number of HIV infections in United State To more than 14 million injuries, and deaths exceeded the two hundred seventy thousand people.

Corona vaccine for children

In a related context, and in light of the feverish wait for the vaccine against the Corona virus, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases confirmed, Anthony Fauci, That children and young people who are under the age of eighteen must wait for months before getting the vaccine, due to the delay of some trials of the vaccine for children for the month of January.

He explained that young children have a special immune system that is different from adults, which calls for higher and more accurate health standards in vaccine-related experiments, which they may obtain.

According to the latest statistics, the numbers indicate that there are more than a million children in the United States who have been infected with the virus.

And a lot of parents hope that this will be Safe vaccine for children Exactly ready by the new school year, after their children lost an entire academic year, in which they relied on what became known as remote study and all that marred this method of defects and criticisms.


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