Nadine Njeim faces the pain of the Beirut earthquake on the screen …


Outside the scope of “Twitter”, and far from the drama stadium, the Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Najim appeared in an exclusive interview with the journalist Malik Maktabi, her first after the August earthquake, this time as a victim who miraculously survived the Beirut explosion and paid for moments of terror, hours in the operating rooms and days To recover from trauma.Njeim appeared in the episode “We will not forget the broad line” (“LBCI”), at ease, revealing her testimony as any Lebanese who was affected on the day of the bombing, approaching the feelings of the Lebanese and their defeats, so that the hashtag of the episode leads the trend with the intensity of supportive tweets from Lebanese and Arab journalists, media and followers. .

The moving scenes were narrated by Nadine Njeim, as if she was re-enacting her again, and she confronted the audience for the first time with pictures of her face and jaw in the operating room and the extent of the damage to her skin. The conversation also touched on the story of a car driver who took her wounds to the hospital before he recognized her.

Njeim also expressed her sense of humanity first in everyone who stood by her side, until she said a phrase frequently used by activists on “Twitter”, that she does not differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian in her life, and when God afflicted her with a calamity, the savior was named Hussein.

Thus, Nadine’s case in the narration of the story constituted a truthfulness that stirred the audience’s feelings and brought them back to the images of the painful day, to be starred by her presence and the way she mentioned the details and the finite nature of her speech created a space on the air to perfume the wounds of viewers after she was filled with facts that occurred on the homeland and feelings of true love for this country that never ends.


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