Mona Zaki … an artistic trip that culminated in the Faten Hamama Award for Excellence


Since she was a 13-year-old girl, she went on an arduous journey towards a specific goal, which made her finally stand in full view of everyone to receive a tribute bearing the name of the Lady of the Arab Screen.

Actress Mona Zaki, who was crowned at the opening of the Cairo International Film Festival, after she received the Faten Hamama Award for Excellence, and a day later, a symposium in her honor was held, which was moderated by Raya Abi Rashid.

This young girl who spent her childhood in a number of countries due to her father’s working conditions, and her artistic establishment came through the gate of the artist Mohamed Sobhi, who had the largest role in revealing her acting talents.

“I discovered myself as an actress .. and I discovered how to get my feelings out at Professor Mohamed Sobhi’s school.” This is how the award-winning star of Excellence spoke about her beginnings, and how Mohamed Sobhi contributed to reshaping her talent, especially when she was a student in school, she participated by chance instead of another However, when she presented the role, the audience laughed, which made her feel embarrassed and stopped, and when Mohamed Sobhi was looking for talents, she applied to join his acting school, and there came the beginning.

The trip had to have a companion, and the best of the comrades was the artist Ahmed Helmy, who was married to Mona Zaki for 18 years, that marriage that witnessed support and success and 3 children.

Perhaps the sight of my dream as he applauds that lady who is honored on the stage, in which he forgets all that he has achieved on the personal level, and the most important thing is the success of his traveling companion, that explains the successes achieved by the duo.

In a symposium honoring her, Mona Zaki summarized all these things, saying, “I cannot imagine my life without Ahmed,” and that she will become a miserable person in his absence, and you will never feel safe.

And I apologized to him for forgetting to thank him at the opening of the festival, in light of her turmoil at the moment of honoring and directing her own speech, and she thanked him and the director of the festival, producer Mohamed Hefzy.

In light of the great success that she achieved, some were surprised that she did not seek internationalism one day, but she answered that she lives a large personal life parallel to her working life, so she is busy with it a lot, and everyone joked, “If you didn’t bring 3 children, I would have sought internationalism.”

The traveling companions described them as “hard-hearted lovers”, in light of their constant search for success, and confirmed that she misses Hanan Turk and misses her after she announced her retirement, and praised Menna Shalaby, confirming that she is a paste of art. Too high in cinema without being tied to the guy star.

Regarding the roles she plays as an ambassador for UNICEF, Mona Zaki emphasized that art made her more humane, so she always strives to contribute to an effective role in society.


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