Merritt Cultural discusses the employment of sex in culture and literature in its December issue


The twenty-fourth issue of the magazine “Merit” was published CulturalDecember 2020, the electronic monthly published by Merit Publishing House, its general director, publisher Muhammad Hashem, and editor-in-chief, poet Samir Darwish, and most of the issue was devoted to discussing the topic of “employing sex in Arab cultural and literary production”. The “cultural file” included seven articles on the title : When writing turns into an erotic practice by Dr. Maher Abdel Mohsen, erotic literature between the lust and lust for Dr. Hany Hajjaj, male tyranny and instinctualism, looking at the female body of Dr. Tania Hattab (from Algeria), a cultural entrance to a perverted poet by Dr. Abu Al-Yazid Al-Sharqawi, writing about sex between the old and the modern By Dr. Aqil Abd Al-Hussein (from Iraq), Representations of Sex and Sexuality in Arab Women’s Literature, written in English by Rima Sadiq, translated by Tariq Farag, and Paraphilia in Egypt .. References from Medieval Literature by Dr. Ashraf Saleh Muhammad.

The “editorial” written by the editor-in-chief was on the same topic, titled “The employment of sex … between the religious text and the prevailing societal culture,” including: “The use of sex in culture and literature – in addition to the freedom to exercise it – is related to societal culture in a specific time and place, more than Its connection to religion, as evidenced by its acceptance here and its rejection and criminalization there, but it constitutes an Arab obsession and a pressing topic that occupies a large place in thinking, perhaps because it is forbidden and criminal, and this explains why some of us adhere to polygamy because it gives more freedom to the male to enumerate the sources of his enjoyment.

In the section “Creativity and Creators”, the file “Critical Visions” included five articles: Roland Barthes: The Delight of Writing and Its Silence, by Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Hassanein, the Post-Foundational Prose Poem by Dr. Jassim Muhammad Jassam (from Iraq), the Duality of Freedom and Progress in The Compass Novel by Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Zaid, Sex in an ostrich egg and a feast of seaweed by Dr. Judah Abdel-Nabi Judeh, sexual narcissism and the illusion of individualism in Pescal’s novel by Rasha al-Fawal.

The “Poetry” file includes eleven poems by the poets: Karim Abd al-Salam, Shawkat al-Masry, al-Dawa Muhammad al-Dawi, Muhammad Abed (from Morocco), Rasha Ahmad, Eid Banat (from Jordan), Fayez al-Abbas and Ramah Bobo (from Syria), Mazen al-Masri, Naglaa Magdy, and Mastourah Al-Orabi (from Saudi Arabia).

The “story” file included seven stories for: Ammar Ali Hassan, Jokha Al Harithi (from the Sultanate of Oman), Shawqi Al Salaei (from Tunisia), Hani Al Qat, Salah Assaf, Mona Yassin, Bayan Asaad Mustafa (from Jordan).

In the chapter “Noon al-Niswa” there are two articles by two writers from Iraq: Towards a gender different understanding of femininity by Dr. Nadia Hanaoui, and the body under the pattern of fear by Dr. Ahmad Jarallah Yassin, and in the chapter on “Renewing the Discourse”, there are also two articles: Sexuality between Al-Jahiz and Al-Suyuti by Muhammad Jalal Al-Azhari, and the reverence of Islamic heritage without its gender aspect. .

The chapter “Around the World” includes three translations. Abdel-Wahab Al-Mallouh (from Tunisia) translated a chapter of the autobiographical book of the Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, and it was translated by Laila Ahmed Helmy, an article written by Arthur Crystal entitled “The simulation is a mayor’s book”, which is a review of the book “Erich. Auerbach and the Simulation Industry. ” The Palestinian laureate and translator Muhammad Helmy Al-Risha also translated five poems by Taiwanese laureate (born in 1955).

In the section “Cultures and Arts”, an interview that Rasha Hosni conducted with the Jordanian-Palestinian laureate Musa Hawamdeh, entitled: I am not subject to any slogan and I am not under the influence of any party, and I am not required to appear before any revolutionary court! And in “Cinema” an article by film critic Mahmoud Qasim entitled “Sex In the pages and on the screens, “and in the” opinion “file there are two articles: The Mirage of Depth by Muhammad Abd al-Nabi, and Epidemic Diseases in History by Dr. Ali Afifi Ali Ghazi.

A “books” file included three articles: the traditional sexual books and illusion culture by Dr. Samir al-Khalil (from Iraq), the bare bread of Muhammad Shukri between pornography and realism by Abu al-Hasan Muhammad Ali, and the taboo swamp and an acute vision of reality by Muhammad Atiyah Mahmoud, and in the file of “theater” an article by Dr. Saad Aziz Abdel-Saheb (from Iraq) entitled “The suppressed female body and its theatrical manifestations.”


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