May Fakhry explains why she retired from acting and wore the hijab


Revealed the Egyptian actress Mu’tazilaمی فخريThe real reason that prompted her to decide to quit acting and wear the hijab, on her own account on the social networking site.
She said that the Almighty God blessed her with everything, and nothing is missing from her, and she does not need more than that, and she decided to preserve these blessings in her own way.

Fakhry stressed that the hijab does not constitute an obstacle for her in what she wears, as her clothes are modern, but at the same time modest and in line with her veil, and she also expressed her happiness with her new life, and her feeling of complete comfort without anyone bothering her.

It is noteworthy that Mai participated in many acting works, including “My share and I divide you” 3 in the story “Brad Shay” and “Tales of Banat 3” and presented the role of “Farida Al-Nashar” in the series “Hiba Al-Nashar”.


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