Maradona shirt for sale? The former England player responds!


Former England midfielder Steve Hodge said he turned down several offers from potential buyers for a shirt worn by the late Diego Maradona in the famous 1986 World Cup quarter-final match.Hodge insisted that this historic shirt was not for sale.

Hodge, 58, swapped shirts with Maradona after England’s 2-1 defeat to Argentina at Azteca Stadium in Mexico in a match in which Maradona scored by hand before conceding the net again to score one of the most beautiful goals in World Cup history.The legend Maradona died in his home at the age of 60 years old last week of a heart attack.

Hodge’s Maradona shirt has grown in huge demand, now on display at the National Football Museum of England, in Manchester, and a US sports collectibles expert said its value could reach $ 2 million.

But Hodge is against selling the shirt.”I have kept this shirt for 34 years and I have never considered selling it. I like to keep it as it carries a great moral value,” Hodge said in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

He added, “People knock on the door of my house without stopping, and the phone rings continuously from every direction from local TV and radio stations to foreign stations.”

He concluded, “It was very disturbing. There was unpleasant talk that I was keeping it because I wanted a million or more or I wanted money. All of these things are completely wrong. The shirt is not for sale.”


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