Macron reveals the details .. This is the date of the vaccination against Corona | International news


French President Emmanuel Macron announced, Tuesday, the date of the launch of the first vaccination campaign against the emerging corona virus, and the people who will participate in it.

Macron said that the first vaccination campaign against Corona will take place in December and January, pointing out that the people most exposed to the Corona virus in France will receive the vaccine.

As for the second vaccination campaign against the “Covid-19” epidemic, it will take place between April and June, and it will be on a larger scale in France.

And earlier last week, the French president announced a package of measures aimed at easing the quarantine imposed to contain Corona, as Christmas approaches.

In a televised speech, Macron announced that “non-essential” small shops, including libraries, flower shops and games that have been closed since the end of October, will be able to resume their activities next Saturday, to be closed at nine in the evening.

In contrast, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and gyms remain closed. It will also allow travel up to a distance of 20 km for a period of 3 hours instead of one km and one hour only.

In the same context, Macron explained that the comprehensive quarantine will be lifted on December 15, and replaced by a nationwide curfew from nine in the evening until seven in the morning, with the exception of the nights of December 24 and 31 of this measure.

Macron said that, starting in mid-December, “we will be able again to move around without permission, including between regions, and to spend Christmas with the family.”

Starting from December 15, cultural centers such as museums, theaters and cinemas will also be allowed to reopen their doors, while adhering to health standards.

Source: Sky News


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