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The position of childhood that my father continues to repeat to my ears whenever he sees a new achievement or an excellence that cheers his heart, and my mother refers to it whenever I go through a situation similar to him to remind me that life is stations and I will definitely find suitable opportunities. It happened in the National Day party and a paragraph on which we children are trained to stand behind the scenes in preparation for the show If it is canceled and we go back, I cry crying my mother caught with the camera to remain documented over the years.

Since those moments in time, I have been holding the flag of my country to flutter with joy and my heart dances on its sway, since those moments I have been keen to be at the forefront of the participants in the celebrations of the National Day of our beloved country; I am almost certain that these posts created in my little heart feelings of endless love and love for my country, the Emirates, so I grew up and realized that love must be translated in my studies, giving in my work, gratitude and thanks for all the blessings that I have lived and live every day and night.

This article is devoted to expressing my feelings to the whole world about what I feel especially during these days of our year, December is the month of dreams and the realization of aspirations. About the love that I carry in my heart and mind alike for this country, I am interested in doing something that translates those feelings to strengthen them among all around me. About nostalgia that brings me back to old places and longing for new ones, so I feel safety and joy and contemplate the most beautiful future.

And about positivity that has become a part of my being, and here it is growing with me over the years, so I translate it into my surroundings and my smiles. And for every day my heart beats and my soul returns to me, so I ask what I have to offer today to my country?

When you write about the homeland, your pen flows without feeling to weave harmonious letters that flirt with its reader and smile with love without awareness; But writing about my country, the Emirates, stirs up deep sorrow and makes you a poet at times, and sometimes a lover, and at other times a painter or an international artist or an exceptional showman who knows how to accurately create events.

I promised my country, ever since I tasted his love, to maintain the covenant and leave the eternal effect that represents him in the most beautiful form, then promises increased day after day as much as my heart contained, my soul tweeted and my mind crowded.

When you love your country, you will find yourself dedicated to providing your best for your country only, and you will find that you have mastered countless skills to develop something and are distinguished by achievement without others, and you will find that you master the art of caring for yourself because you are precious in your homeland so you preserve yourself and your health to be always productive, and you will find that you are Better to deal with others because it is a value that reflects your belonging to your country, and you will find that you transcend your soul from the frivolous things to save your time, effort and heart so that nothing is tainted by that love at all, and you will also find that your morals are a priority.

My homeland of the Emirates; The love story definitely started since I was born, but it is twice the emotions that fill my parts every year. This is how the talk about the homeland is … nothing compares it at all.



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