Liverpool News | Henderson: This is the toughest season ever and no one is serving us!


Match pressure is indescribable.

Jordan Henderson, captain, refused LeferballThe rumors that some teams provide the Reds with services in one way or another, stressing that this season is the most difficult ever due to the intensity and pressure of matches.

Liverpool, like the Europeans, plays two games a week between the League and the Champions League, and Jurgen Klopp has expressed more than once his anger at the busy schedule that leads to many injuries.

As for Henderson, he refuses to create any excuses for his team this season, and even assures that they will spend dearly and precious to achieve all possible titles.

The English international’s comments came at the press conference for the Ajax match, scheduled for Wednesday, for the fifth round of the group stage For the Champions LeagueIn a match that is not divisible by two, to resolve the English club’s qualification for the final price.

The leader said, “At this stage last season, we were in a similar situation and we managed to overcome it. This is the challenge again for us.”

He also added, “It is great to have a good fall, but that is if you pass the winter when the intensity of the matches increases, and do you have a chance to make the most of the spring?”

He continued, “Much has been said about the schedule for this season, and without wanting to reopen the debate, the current season is more difficult than ever. This situation is, and we as players must adapt and remove every obstacle that comes in our way.”

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“Nobody will do us any favors and we are not looking for anything, so the best thing we do is stick to our basic motto, which is to compete against any opponent we face.”

And he added, “People will see that we won in Amsterdam and therefore we are the favorites to win at Ajax again, but Atalanta last week showed that football is rarely that simple.”

“I know from my own experience at Liverpool that whenever we lose a match, we want to correct that by showing what we are capable of. I have no doubt whatsoever that Ajax will handle this match with exactly the same mentality.”

It is noteworthy that Liverpool tops the group standings with 9 points, while Atalanta and Ajax come in second and third place with the same score of 7 points.


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