Leaks reveal new features in the iPhone 13 Pro


Within the framework of expectations to reveal the benefits that will be added by the American company Apple for its upcoming iPhone series.

New technical reports have revealed a set of important and unique features that will be provided by the American company “Apple” in the next series of iPhone, and it is expected that the iPhone 13 series will gain significant improvements in the camera, especially the iPhone 13 Pro model, as iPhone 13 phones may contain more related upgrades. Computer imaging.

Renowned analyst Ross Young expects iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max to gain larger sensors; This means that the pixels will be larger and the sensor will collect more light, which has a positive effect on the image quality.

The famous leak, Ming Shi Kuo, indicated that “Apple” plans to increase the aperture of the iPhone 13 Pro and make the Pro Max camera super wide.

Next year, the Pro versions will move to the / 1.8 aperture and include a six-element lens instead of an ap / 2.4 aperture and a five-element lens group, and this feature would give more light coming into the lens and also allow for a lesser depth field.

The sensor-moving feature is an important feature often found in advanced DSLR cameras and Huawei phones, and it will be a distinct choice for those looking to obtain clearer pictures and videos, and this feature can perform up to 5000 adjustments per second to maintain lens stability, which is five times. What iPhone 11 cameras can.


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