In pictures … Opening of the 42nd Cairo Film Festival


The activities of the 42nd session opened on Wednesday evening Cairo Festival The International Film Festival, at the Fountain Theater of the Egyptian Opera House.
The opening speech of the president of the festival, producer Mohamed Hefzy, sparked criticism from the attendees because he started it with an exaggerated talk about the singer. Tamer Hosny Who is attending the festival for the first time in his life, and presented the song “Al-Dunya Film”, where Hefzy described his career as being similar to that of the late singer Abdel Halim Hafez, as he combined success on the musical and lyrical sphere.
Hefzy talked about the keenness of the Egyptian state, the Ministry of Culture, the sponsors and all those who support the festival to come to light, and thanked the Egyptian Ministry of Health, which sent 120 delegates to the festival over the ten days, which are the age of the artistic event.

Hefzy showed a videotaped speech from the Cannes, Venice and Berlin festival directors, in support of the Cairo Festival.

The concert was presented by artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi, who spoke at the beginning of his speech in an irrelevant way to the festival, where he also focused on the presence of Tamer Hosni, who forced him to ascend to the stage of the theater despite his refusal. And he talked with him about matters outside the event, such as what would the artists do if Corona was still going on? The presenter, Maha Al-Saghir, the wife of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, who stumbled over many words and accused her of many, also participated in the presentation of the ceremony, as she arrived to present the festival through “wasta”.

As for the honors, the actress Mona Zaki honored the “Faten Hamama” appreciation award, and the artist from him Shalaby gave it to her. Mona expressed her happiness that the award bears the name of the screen lady Faten Hamama, who spoke to her once before and described her with sophistication. And the name is Wahid Hamid.

Writer Waheed Hamed was also honored with the “Golden Pyramid” prize for lifetime achievement and presented to him by director Sherif Arafa. The actress Yusra and Nelly Karim, including Shalaby, and director Sandra Nashat, did not control themselves from tears while honoring him, by mentioning their names, when he spoke about the generations that he worked With her, beginning with the generation of Nadia al-Jundi and Adel Imam, through the generation of Laila Elwi and Yusra, ending to their generation, and he described them as the reason for making his name.

British screenwriter Christopher Hampton said that he was very happy to honor him in Egypt, especially since he began his life there specifically in the city of Alexandria, where his father used to work there and used to accompany him to enter the cinema. new.

The opening ceremony was attended by a large number of artists, including Ahmed El Sakka, Ahmed Helmy, Mona Zaki, Menna Shalaby, Yousra, Laila Elwi, Nelly Karim, Heba Magdy, Iman Al-Assi, Yasmine Sabry, Dora Al-Tunisi, Jordanian Saba Mubarak, Mai Selim and Mays Hamdan And the Syrian artist Firas Saeed, Sherif Mounir, Ahmed Al-Fishawi and his wife, Ahmed Dawood, Ola Rushdi, Amina Khalil, the Syrian Nisreen Tafesh, Asir Yassin, his wife Wahba Majdi, Dalia Al-Beheiry, Arwa Judeh, Hani Ramzi, Sayed Ragab, Sherine Reda, Lulba, and director Sandra Nashat
Culture Minister Inas Abdel Dayem also attended, and most of the attendees committed to wearing medical masks in accordance with the precautionary measures approved by the Ministry of Health. The lack of names on the seats of some of the artists in attendance aroused their resentment and threatening to leave the concert, as happened with the artist Dalia El-Beheiry, while Khaled Selim, who put his nerves in the situation, held his nerve and remained standing until he found a place.

And after the opening ceremonies and honors, the British film “The Father”, by Florian Zeller, was shown. Today, Thursday, the festival dedicates a second performance for “The Father”, at nine o’clock in the evening, at the Grand Theater at the Egyptian Opera House, in addition to a third show at nine o’clock on Friday evening, at the WE Theater, in order to allow Cairo audiences who were unable to attend the opening ceremony, to watch the film .


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