In favor of a Palestinian businessman … a Dubai court fines the Saudi Minister of Labor half a billion dollars


A court in Dubai, UAE, has fined the current Saudi Labor Minister, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, nearly half a billion dollars in compensation for Palestinian-Canadian businessman Omar Ayesh.

Details of the ruling can be found at the following link: Ruling on Al-Rajhi case in Dubai

The court ruling comes in the context of the case of the “Tameer” Holding Group for Investment headed by Al-Rajhi. Ayesh accused him of seizing his rights in the group he founded, before Al-Rajhi bought a 45% stake in it.

The verdict was issued a few months after the broadcast of an investigation on Al-Jazeera, as part of the program “What is Hidden Greatest,” entitled “Investing in the Sand,” which exposed corruption and fraud in the seizure of Omar Ayesh’s rights and property, and Al-Rajhi’s exploitation of his influence through figures in the state.

Al-Jazeera disclosure provoked reactions of international organizations concerned with integrity, describing what happened in the “Tameer” group as one of the biggest corruption crimes in the investment sector in the Middle East.


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