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There are many vitamins that are known to have many benefits, but vitamin K2 is rarely emphasized, although it is very beneficial and important for the heart and bones.

Vitamin K2 joins the category of fat-soluble vitamins that help promote health the heart Teeth, bones, etc., and through the magazine Ba-Bamil we explain its most prominent advantages and natural sources:

Protects against heart problems

Vitamin K2 is very effective in reducing the risk of heart problems, especially with regard to damage, and promoting overall heart health.

As a study has already revealed, this vitamin stimulates a specific protein that prevents the accumulation of calcium deposits on the walls of blood vessels as well as its ability to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.


It strengthens the bones

It contributes to promoting and strengthening bone health, as well as enhancing mineral density and reducing the possibility of developing bone problems, especially for women in the menopause stage.


Balances glucose levels

One study demonstrated that consuming enough vitamin K2 helps balance blood glucose levels and solves the problem of high blood sugar.

It also helps relieve anxiety disorder and depression, which are often caused by high blood glucose levels.


Lowers cancer risk

The richness of this vitamin in antioxidant properties makes it effective in lowering the risk of cancer by inhibiting the process that leads to tumor growth.

The most prominent sources



The yolk and focus on egg whites are usually ignored, but this step avoids getting vitamin K2 and reaps its benefits.



Butter is one of the most prominent natural sources of vitamin K2, as even one tablespoon of it provides your body with a reasonable proportion of the vitamin the body needs.



Meat in the form of sausages or hot dogs and the like, along with salami as well, are sources rich in vitamin K2, so it is recommended to eat it from time to time and add it to the diet.


The kind

Besides its many benefits, fermented dairy products, including cream or sour cream, contain an excellent proportion of vitamin K2, as thick sour cream contains 8 grams of the vitamin.


Skin on chicken

In addition to being a rich source of protein and other nutrients, chicken, especially with the skin, is one of the most prominent sources of this vitamin, and every part of the chicken contains its own percentage of the vitamin.



It is recommended not to neglect cheese and eat small amounts of it to obtain vitamin K2 along with other elements such as: protein, calcium, and vitamin A.


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