How much is the planet Earth worth?


Astrophysicist Greg Laughlin from the University of California invented a special mechanism, through which he was able to calculate the value of the planet.

According to Mail Online, Laughlin’s calculations indicated that the planet was valued at five quadrillion (million billion) dollars.

The site added that the science took into its calculations the mass of the Earth, its temperature, its age, and many other factors that affect its ability to support life.

The scientist also confirmed that the Earth was the most expensive planet, at least in the solar system, adding, for comparison, that the price of Mars is only 16 thousand dollars. “This low cost of the red planet is due to its hypothetical lack of convenience for developing life,” he said. Venus, according to the astrophysicist’s calculations, costs only one cent.

Laughlin said, “I always thought that the concept of” planet Earth in the habitable zone “was somewhat vague. I needed a scale in which I could see the value of the planets, which researchers constantly find. According to the astrophysicist, planets under $ 80 million should not be considered possible new homes for humans.


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