How do we protect diabetics from the Corona virus?


Diabetics need to ensure that their blood glucose levels are well controlled, as it has been proven that Corona infection affects their sugar levels, so the Corona virus can lead to an increased risk of developing diabetes, according to a newspaper report. time now news There are some preventive tips to stay healthy.

Diabetes is an important risk factor for pneumonia due to different viral infections. The matter was not different with Corona infection since the early stages of the epidemic, it has been observed that most people with corona suffer from comorbidities or pre-existing diseases, the most common of which are diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high pressure the blood. It has been observed that diabetics, in particular, are at higher risk of poor clinical outcomes for MERS-CoV.

The reason for the high risk of infection with the Corona virus for diabetics is due to the inherent deficiency of the immunity prevailing in them, which exposes them to infection easily and are vulnerable to complications. In addition, it has been proven that diabetics have an increased presence of a certain type of receptors on their cells, through which the Corona virus enters the body The human being, which facilitates his entry. These receptors have a protective effect against inflammation, and corona infection renders these receptors useless, making cells vulnerable to the inflammatory and harmful effect of the virus, and so on, the virus thrives in an environment where blood glucose is high..

There is a two-way relationship between Corona virus and diabetes Studies have shown that diabetes may not only be a risk factor for severe infection from Corona disease, but also that infection can lead to the emergence of new diabetes, this is due to possible cell damage in the pancreas caused by the virus that causes Also, insulin deficiency, it has been shown that diabetics with severe corona infection have a dramatic increase in their insulin needs and an increased tendency to serious complications such as diabetic ketoacidosis..

For the above-mentioned reasons, it is very necessary for diabetics to avoid infection with corona virus. Diabetics who have not yet been infected with the Coronavirus should intensify their control as a means of primary prevention of the disease.

Preventive measures for diabetics to stay safe from the Coronavirus

Diabetics need to ensure that their blood glucose levels are well controlled as it has been shown that corona infection affects their sugar levels. When diabetics do not have good control over diabetes and suffer from blood sugar fluctuations, they are generally at risk of developing the disease. With a number of complications associated with diabetes, especially that affect the kidneys, heart and brain, and this is the reason for the increased mortality rate when diabetics catch Corona infection. Therefore, it is very important for diabetics to implement the following procedures:

Strict adherence to general recommendations to avoid the virus, social or physical distancing, wearing a mask, sterilization or washing hands.

Intensify glucose control by strict adherence to lifestyle changes such as:

Regular physical activity.

Healthy nutrition is an essential component in diabetes management Eating a balanced diet and sticking to foods with a low glycemic index will help keep blood glucose levels stable, thereby boosting their immune system.

Body weight regulation.

Diabetologists should be contacted to ensure they are taking the correct medications and to titrate drug doses if needed.


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