Hot competitions in the “Malawah” King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival on its fourth day – Saudi News


The first hours of the qualifying round competition “Al-Malwah” began inviting 400 meters, with enthusiastic competitions, as part of the activities of the fourth day of the King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival in its third edition, which will be held in Mulham, north of Riyadh, until December 12th.

The list of participants in the qualifying rounds of the Al-Malwah Competition for Saudi Owners and Professionals included the categories of “Gir Shaheen Qarnas”, “Hur Farkh” and “Hur Qarnas”.

Large numbers of falconry enthusiasts and lovers of originality and heritage of different ages and groups flocked with the first moments of the festival’s startups, amid tight regulation, and the application of precautionary and preventive measures to ensure the safety of the participants and protect them from the emerging corona virus, where measures were taken of sterilization and cleaning work after each step of the cycle. Al Mallwah Competition.

The Saudi Falcons Club announced the allocation of more than 22.7 million riyals in cash prizes to the winners of the Al-Malwah and Al-Mazayen competitions, which are held within the festival’s activities.

It is noteworthy that the club (the organizer of the festival) honors the three winners in each round, while the first seven in each stage qualify for the final rounds (King Abdulaziz Cup), and the first 10 winners in each qualifying round receive cash prizes.

In the same context, Saudi Arabia, Athari Al-Khalidi, participated in the festival as the first woman to participate in the Malawah competition this year, and her “stubborn” falcon participated in the Gir Shaheen Qarnas run for the Saudi owners, which the festival organized today.

Adhari confirmed that she trained her falcon for more than two months, based on her falconry experience and the hobby that she loved and got to know about 10 years ago, explaining that she chose this name for him to insist on winning.

And the “stubborn” falcon was able to cover a distance of 400 meters in 21 seconds and 735 fractions of a second. Athari Al-Khalidi had participated with her second falcon in the Al-Malwah falcon competition at the Falcon Festival last year, through her falcon, “Sattam” of the type of “Gear Follow a Fark”.


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