Have you ever thought about calculating the value of the planet? Here’s the amazing number!


The astrophysicist managedGreg Laughlin, FromUniversity of California, By devising a special mechanism that calculates the valuePlanet earth​.
The “Mail Online” site stated that Laughlin’s calculations indicated that the value of the planet amounted to five quadrillion, or (one million billion) dollars.
The site added that Laughlin took into account the Earth’s mass, temperature, age and many other factors that affect its ability to support life.
He said that planet Earth was at least the most expensive planet inSolar System, The priceMarsIt’s only $ 16,000, while Venus costs just one cent.
“This low cost of the red planet is due to its hypothetical lack of fitness for developing life,” he added.
Laughlin continued: “I needed a scale through which I could see the value of the planets, which researchers are constantly finding.”


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