Grogan: I saw death before my eyes


“I saw death before my eyes. You cannot go through such an experience and remain the same person. ” With these words, French driver Roman Grogan expressed his miraculous escape from the terrible accident that he suffered in the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix last Sunday.The Frenchman suffered a terrible accident when his car collided with the iron wall adjacent to the track at a speed of 220 km / hour and caught fire after it split in two, but he got out safely without anyone’s help for 28 seconds after the collision to escape from the raging fire, before one of the medical personnel With his help, he is then transported by ambulance to receive treatment from it by helicopter to the Military Hospital in Bahrain.
“Those 28 seconds seemed to be a minute and a half, but it didn’t seem long because I was in constant motion,” Grojan recalls, after his discharge on Wednesday from the hospital in the capital, Manama.
The Haas driver suffered burns to his hands, a sprained left ankle and bruises on the same side of the body.
The 34-year-old driver says, “It was not the strongest blow I have known in my professional career, although the strength of acceleration indicates that.”
The Frenchman recounts the details of his survival: “I took off the belt immediately and tried to get out of the car, I realized that my helmet had hit something. I sat again and told myself that I am stuck and will wait for someone to arrive. ”
“But to my left, everything was orange, so I realized the car was on fire.” I said to myself: There is no time to wait, I will try to exit from the right side, it is useless, not even from the left. ”
The French confirms that he recalled the accident of the three-time world champion Niki Lauda, ​​who was exposed to him in 1976 at the German Nürburgring circuit and led to many burns on his face. So I tried to get out again, but it was useless. I would sit again and see death, not at close range, but before my eyes. ”
“It is a feeling that I do not wish for anyone,” he continues after a brief silence and with a trembling voice.

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