Google Maps … a new update adds a touch of “social communication”


The American giant Google is seeking to add a touch of “social communication” to its famous “Google Maps” application via a new update.

The company revealed that the new features of the application, which are currently being tested, will convert “Google Maps” from a service application for geographical locations to a community application that provides information.

Google has pledged to make new features available within days for Android and iOS phones.

The specialized technical site “Engadget” stated that the new update will enable the “Google Maps” application to display a summary of the news and the changes occurring in the surrounding community.

According to “Sputnik”, the application will provide the latest developments in the city and the changes taking place, whether political, economic or service, such as changes in restaurant opening times, for example, or changes in services.

This new feature in the “Google Maps” application will be located in the “Explore” icon.

The news feed on “Google Maps” will also contain the latest comments, photos and posts related to the area around the person.

In addition, if you follow a nearby store or restaurant, you will receive updates from them through their feed, about the most prominent new offers they are offering, etc.

Last November, Google launched an update for its “Google Maps” application that provides exceptional features.

The update included the introduction of “Dark Mode”, and the new change includes a new settings menu with three options; One of them is light in appearance, another is dark, in addition to the default mode on the device.


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