Google helps organize poetry verses


In a unique step, the American company “Google” developed its new artificial intelligence system, and introduced the feature of helping to compose poetic verses. The famous search engine fed the system called “Verse by Verse”, meaning “house after house”, with tens of thousands of poems and verses organized by the world’s greatest poets, and the user was able to compose poetic verses taking into account the rules of grammar and spelling, and what is required of him is to write the first verse of the poem On his own, and then he chooses from among the names of 22 famous poets registered in the program, the system proposes poetic verses that he authored according to the style of the poet he chooses, and it also allows him to choose the poetic form he wants to follow, whether he is rhyme or free. Among the poets on the show: Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Paul Lawrence Dunbar and Edgar Allan Poe. Dave Yuthos, an engineer at Google, pointed out that the program has been provided, to understand the meaning of the verses that are written on the level of pronunciation, to choose the best verses that fit with them, and confirmed that in the event of “dealing with an uncommon topic in classical poetry, the system will do its utmost to In order to submit proposals compatible with the new topic ».


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