Good news from Germany … a vaccine against Corona for less than a euro!


International companies are in a race to produce vaccines against the emerging virus, which has so far infected more than 63 million people around the world and killed more than a million, amid global anticipation of the results in order to get rid of the nightmare of Corona.

However, far from the huge companies, the German businessman and researcher, Michael Biontek, is working to develop a vaccine that is distinguished from others and at an imaginative price, at a time when the prices of other vaccines are expected to range between 20 and 39 dollars per dose.

Biontech revealed to the German “Deutsche Welle” website that it hopes to be able to produce a vaccine against Corona using yeast cells, whose cost is less than a euro in the second half of 2021.

He pointed out that “there are certainly two main advantages of this vaccine: The first is the safety of the vaccine that has been tested, and as we know the vaccine works and does not harm, and the second advantage is that we can produce through yeast cells a very cheap vaccine.”

He also noted, “To be fair, we have to say that the licensed companies and our partners who benefit from this technology of our own, produce and market it internally. There are already very large facilities that are now being used in the production of hepatitis C vaccine, for example, that can be used. And its exploitation in the production of the Covid-19 vaccine at a very low price in emerging countries for very large markets, and this is definitely an important point.

Michael Biontek

He added, “We can offer a vaccine at a cheaper price because we know from the vaccines that have already been developed that you can produce a single dose of the vaccine for less than one euro with an investigation with a guaranteed profit margin. We also do not need another ten years to develop the vaccine.”

To that, he confirmed: “We have produced samples and are now conducting experiments on animals. At this stage we worked alone. We have also licensed our technology to two major Asian vaccine companies, and they have already started preparing for production and starting the licensing procedures for the vaccine,” pointing out: Using the vaccine in the second half of next year. “


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