Global Health calls on African countries to prepare for vaccination against


12:11 PM

Tuesday 01 December 2020

Geneva – USA:

The World Health Organization has called on African countries to actively prepare to vaccinate their populations against the emerging corona virus.

The organization stated – according to the “Russia Today” news channel, Tuesday – that less than half of the countries of the continent have identified the priority population for vaccination, and less than a quarter of their countries have plans to finance vaccines, as the continent is currently far from preparing for vaccination against Corona, which is intended to be greater A vaccination campaign in the history of the continent.

For her part, the organization’s Africa Regional Director, Machidisu Moeti, said: “I think that the continent must urgently intensify preparations for such a campaign.”

The World Health Organization is currently working with partners on how to immunize Africa through the international “Kovacs” mechanism that was established to provide vaccines to all countries in an equitable manner, and it is assumed that through this international mechanism, 20% of the continent’s population will be able to obtain protection from Corona in the stage. Primary.

The organization estimates that $ 5.7 billion will be required for vaccination against Covid 19 in Africa, and this amount will increase by 15-20% if the cost of injection supplies and vaccine delivery is added to it.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization’s regional office, the number of injuries in Africa exceeded 2.16 million as of November 30, while deaths reached 51.7 thousand.


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