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Riyadh 16 Rabi ‘Al-Akhir 1442 AH corresponding to December 01, 2020 AD SPA
The Saudi Health Council, represented by the National Diabetes Center, organizes the “Virtual Diabetes Forum 2020 AD”, during the period from 4 to 26 December 2020 AD, over a period of four weeks, two days each week, with the participation of a number of local speakers specializing in the field of diabetes from various health sectors in the Kingdom, This is to enhance local expertise related to diabetes, and to enhance awareness, knowledge and perceptions of healthcare workers in the field of diabetes.
The forum will also contribute to the development of supportive services provided to diabetics, “education, nutrition, diabetic foot services, and clinical pharmacology for diabetes”, in addition to presenting and publishing the national diabetes strategy and standards for providing care in an optimal way for people with diabetes.
The conference, which will be held remotely, will discuss many important topics related to diabetes, including; The national clinical guidelines for diabetes and the new in type 2 diabetes “during the first week”, as well as the Saudi strategy for early detection of diabetes, and the new in controlling type 1 diabetes “during the second week”. The forum “during the third week” will discuss the Saudi standards And quality for diabetes centers, in addition to highlighting technology and diabetes mellitus during the fourth week.
The forum includes four workshops during the forum on health education for diabetes, clinical nutrition for diabetes, diabetic foot and clinical pharmacology in diabetes. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties approved for it 30 hours of medical education for health practitioners, and it is possible to register for the forum through the following link: https: / /
It is noteworthy that diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the Kingdom, as studies indicate that the number of people with diabetes reaches two million sufferers, and the number of those who have a pre-diabetes stage and who do not know that they have diabetes is the same number, and studies indicate that there is An increase in the incidence of diabetes by one percent annually, which will lead to an increase in the number of people affected by this disease in the next few years, in addition to the fact that the Kingdom ranks first in terms of the number of type 1 diabetes incidence in children and adolescents under the age of 20 years.
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