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General / Saudi newspapers / Fifth and final addition to the Saudi Press Agency


General / Saudi newspapers / Fifth and final addition

Thursday 18/4/1442 AH, corresponding to 03/12/2020 AD, SPA

“Okaz” newspaper said in its editorial today, entitled (Mullahs ‘threats … Products for domestic consumption): The mullahs’ regime thinks that the enemies who fancy their enmity are its only problem. That is why he introduced policies such as exporting the revolution and establishing proxy militias to sabotage the stability of Arab and Islamic countries. And the illusion grew in the hearts of its leaders to the extent that they thought that they could compete with the great powers and revive the destroyed Persian Empire. However, the assassination of the mastermind of the Iranian nuclear program and the leader of the Revolutionary Guard, Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh, finally revealed to the leaders of the regime the worst that they had not expected, which is that the internal enemy that awaits them is much greater than the danger that could come to them from outside. Looking at the incidents and assassinations related to their nuclear program during the current year, it can be said that the enemies of the regime at home, who are the children of the crushed Iranian people, are also playing their role in directing the strikes to the regime. No matter how hard-liners in the mullahs parliament try to enact laws that allow an increase in the rate of uranium enrichment, and the international community threatens that program These empty threats will not work. Because the strikes inflicted on the nuclear program put it back years. Just as the regime failed to avenge Qassem Soleimani … it will also fail to avenge Fakhrizadeh, and for the fires that destroyed most of the Natanz nuclear facility. These empty threats remain products for domestic consumption only.
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