France: Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia are Iranian by proxy


Cyprus’ Defense Minister confirmed that his country is seeking alliances with the Gulf states to secure waterways, indicating that they are trying to adopt a constructive agenda, but Turkey resorts to provocation. In a media statement yesterday, Tuesday, Charalambos Petrides said that Turkey’s practices in the Mediterranean collide with the European Union, adding, “We do not seek to impose European sanctions on Turkey, but we may be forced to do so.” He also made it clear that his country wants to solve the Cyprus problem and Turkey stands against it, describing Turkey’s practices in Varosha as against international law. “Turkey’s provocative actions in the Mediterranean are clear,” he said. He also stressed that the countries participating in the Medusa-10 maneuvers seek stability in the region, and said, “The Medusa-10 exercises aim to strengthen military cooperation in the Mediterranean.” “We are trying to cooperate to bring peace to the eastern Mediterranean,” he said. The Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs said recently that it hopes Turkey will adjust its behavior in the eastern Mediterranean and respond to calls for dialogue. The Cypriot Foreign Ministry added in statements that Turkey’s current position does not call for making them optimistic about the success of these calls, asking Ankara to retreat from its positions.


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