Former US presidents are ready to take the Corona vaccine in front of the cameras to encourage it


Former United States presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton expressed their willingness to take the emerging corona virus vaccine in front of television screens, in order to dispel any doubts that Americans have about the safety of the new vaccines.

Former Democratic President Obama – who left the White House in 2017 – said in an interview broadcast by SiriusXM on Wednesday, “I may end up getting the vaccine directly in front of TV screens or recording it, so that people know that I am I trust this knowledge. ”

In turn, Freddie Ford, the White House chief of staff under Bush, Obama’s predecessor, said that the former Republican president is ready to take the vaccine in front of the cameras as soon as he obtains emergency approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Clinton spokesman Angel Orina wrote in an email that the former Democratic president “will definitely have the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, based on the priorities that public health officials have set.”

“He will do it in a public place if it helps to encourage all Americans to do the same.”

Launch date approaches

A committee of external consultants of the US Food and Drug Administration is scheduled to meet on December 10, to discuss whether it should recommend licensing the emergency use of the vaccine developed by Pfizer with its German partner Biontech, whose effectiveness in preventing disease is 95%. .

US health officials expect the first vaccinations to begin within days or weeks.

A significant percentage of Americans doubt the scientific research that led to the production of vaccines, and are afraid of the record speed with which they were developed, despite the fact that 58% of Americans said in the Gallup Poll last month that they would receive a Coronavirus vaccine after their rate was 50% in September. / Last September.

The current US President Donald Trump, who recovered from his infection with the Coronavirus this year, had promoted his administration’s participation in financing the development of some vaccines.

Vice President Mike Pence’s office referred reporters to previous interviews in which he said he would “be proud to have the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.”

Biden and Fauci

In the context, US President-elect Joe Biden announced in an interview with CNN Thursday that he had asked the Director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci to be part of his team to combat the Corona virus.

Fauci is a member of the current crisis cell that the White House formed to confront the virus, but he has been subjected to violent attacks from Trump.

Biden said, “I asked him (Fauchi) to remain in the same role he had played for many former presidents, and to be my chief medical advisor and part of the coronavirus team.”

Biden indicated that he intends to ask the Americans, on the day he takes office, to wear masks for a period of 100 days. He said that “the muzzle should be put on 100 days, not forever, and I think we will see a significant decrease (in the level of infection).”

Biden confirmed that he would receive the Corona vaccine and take it publicly, if Fauchi said it was “safe.”

A gentleman’s welcome

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, welcomed Thursday the start of licensing Coronavirus vaccines, indicating at the opening of a virtual special session of the General Assembly that “thanks to the hard work and dedication of scientists and researchers around the world (…), vaccines can become available in weeks and months. Coming. ”

“But we must not be deceived,” he said, adding that “a vaccine cannot repair the damage that may extend for years or even decades to the next.” “Extreme poverty is increasing, and the risk of starvation looms on the horizon,” he said.

About 65 million people around the world were infected with the Coronavirus, while the total deaths resulting from it reached one million and 499 thousand and 37 cases.

And HIV infections have been recorded in more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in China in December 2019.

The United States of America comes on top of the affected countries, followed by India, Brazil and Russia, then France, Britain, Spain and Italy.


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