For the first time … a Korean group tops the US Billboard rating


South Korean “BTS” became the first musical group to top a foreign language song with the US Billboard rating of the best songs.

This comes in the last achievement recorded in the balance of this successful youth group.

“Live Goose Un”, sung mainly in the Korean language, toped the top 100 US songs (“US Hot 100”) during its first week on this list.

Billboard announced that “Live Goose On” is the first foreign song to take center stage upon entering the classification, which has been prepared for 62 years.

BTS, whose name is an abbreviation of “Bangtan Sunyundan”, which means Young Bulletproof Scouts, has become one of the most popular bands since its launch seven years ago, with huge returns.

“Live Goose On” is also the first song with most Korean lyrics to top the rating.

The group’s success reflects the growing appeal of Korean popular culture among Americans, especially after the Korean dubbed movie “Parasite” won four “Oscars” last February, including the award for Best Picture.

The band’s previous song, “Dynamite”, also topped the American rating upon its entry last September, but its lyrics are entirely in English.

“Live Goose On” is the band’s third song to top the rating in three months, and BTS achieved the feat “faster than any artist since the Beatles,” according to Billboard.


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