For less than a euro … a German company develops a vaccine against “Corona”


International companies are competing to produce a vaccine against the Covid-19 disease, which has swept the world and infected tens of millions.

While the global company Pfizer launched its vaccine against the Corona virus, as well as Moderna, the prices of the two vaccines exceed tens of dollars.

Therefore, the German businessman and researcher, Michael Biontek, seeks to develop a vaccine whose price does not exceed one euro.

Biontec said that he “hopes to be able to produce a vaccine against Corona using yeast cells, at a cost of less than a euro in the second half of 2021,” according to the German website, “Deutsche Welle”.The German researcher emphasized that “there are two main advantages of this vaccine: the first is the safety of the vaccine that has been subjected to experiments, and the second advantage is that we can produce through yeast cells a very cheap vaccine.”

He added, “We can offer a vaccine at a cheaper price because we know from vaccines that have already been developed that you can produce a single dose of the vaccine for less than one euro while achieving a profit margin guarantee. We also do not need another ten years to develop the vaccine.”


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