Follow the prestige series on mbc 4, starring Tim Hassan, the fourth part, and the most important details of its events


The prestige series is witnessing high viewing rates following the new leaks of its new episodes on the websites, as the leaked clips of the series have made the viewers enthusiastic about what will happen in all the upcoming new episodes of the famous series, The Response Part IV.

The series prestige response, Part IV

It is one of the well-known Syrian-Lebanese series in recent times, whose events and episodes take place within the framework of thirty episodes, each episode of the series reaches forty-four minutes continuously throughout the duration of the series’s presentation, where the scenes are filled with a number of surprises caused by the publisher’s dispute between Nimr Al-Saeed and Jabal Al-Qaim In their turn, artists Adel Karam and Tim Hassan.

It is worth noting that this dispute will continue, and Nimr Al-Saeed wants to take revenge on a mountain, until Shaheen begins to intervene between them to prevent what Nimr Al-Saeed intends to do against a mountain.

Dates of the prestige series

You can watch the prestige series on a number of different channels at different dates, and if you do not want to watch it on satellite channels and those dates shown do not suit you, you can immediately follow the events of the series through the Shahid VIP website at the dates you want and appropriate for you, but By paying a subscription to the site.

The frequency of the mbc4 channel, which carries the prestige series

Now it has become easy to receive the MBC 4 channel on your receivers to receive the channel and follow the prestige series, the response via the Nilesat satellite through the following frequency:

  • FrequencyCoding factorpolarizationCorrection factorOrbit
    119381147027500(v) Vertical4/38 degrees west


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