FIFA’s pariah is the darling of poets … Maradona is one of the stadiums for literature


Not only was he inspiring football fans; It is for novelists, short-story writers, poets and dramatists in Latin America, where football is, in fact, the idol of the masses.

In poetry and story

Entitled “Today, Your True Time”, Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti entitled his poem that he gave to the late player Diego Maradona in 2008. The poem says, “Today, your true time … no one is better than you … even if others forget to celebrate you .. the nights will remain without love. Far … far away it will remain, sadness … you will live with others .. It does not matter what the mirrors say .. You still have two young eyes .. you see and do not see more than they should .. You will have life and you will have death .. Here is year after year .. and you Triumph over your shadow .. Hallelujah.

Like many Uruguayans, Bendetti was known for his passion for football, and in one of his interviews he showed his annoyance at the way journalists approached Maradona’s life, showing sympathy and sorrow for what the latter had become.

In his collection of stories “Closed because of Football”, specifically in the story “The 21st Century,” the Uruguayan Eduardo Galiano wrote about Maradona, “Maradona was condemned to believe that he was Maradona and was forced to be the star of every party, the child of every baptism, and death in every consolation.” It is more destructive than cocaine. Urine and blood tests will not be able to detect this drug. ”

How controversial were Maradona’s statements and actions, due to her strangeness, daring and enthusiasm. Maradona was not a diplomat in his speech, and was critical of everything he did not like, as well as his complicated personal life freely presented to the pens and lenses of journalists.

However, it seems that the texts that spoke about it were dominated by a state of sympathy. Galliano himself said in his latest book Football Between Sun and Shadow that Maradona’s sin was that he was the best.

In 1995, Galliano spoke to “Elgraveco” magazine about Maradona, saying, “We have to understand him at times, without justifying him for all his actions: I too almost explode out of anger at some of his actions. Indeed, he is someone who talks a lot, says and retracts his words, arrogant, Stubborn; but we have to understand him and even thank him for the things he has given us. I hope that he continues his work … I hope Maradona will not get in the way of Maradona. ”

This is how Galliano explained the phenomenon of Maradona, Maradona, the poor player who cleverly blew his way and broke social barriers, and the masses of all sects gathered around him; She even saw him as a saint and more. Another Maradona smashes himself with vanity or irresponsible behavior.

While Galeano’s position was clear in his writings on Maradona, as is evident in his left-wing political stance close to Maradona’s thought, the opinion of the Peruvian novelist, Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, was different.

Llosa is credited with the political right through many of his statements. As for his vision of Maradona, it was not clear. In 2006, he published in the magazine “Dinner” talking about Maradona: “That naive dreamy face full of good intentions, appeals to those who are discouraged and frustrated, and they are the same who surround him and take care of him; but what is certain is that at the moment of going down the field, he mastered the play with power – we can say – It does not match his body. ”

However, Llosa – known for his contradictory statements – criticized him during one of his meetings in Brazil in 2013, saying, “People no longer want to take a picture with a writer; rather, with a musician or a famous player like Maradona, who knows nothing but his feet.” While Llosa’s intention was to reduce the importance of Maradona in this statement; But in fact, he praised him from an unknown point of view, as the foot is the secret of the success of the “little onion”, as Maradona is called in Argentina as a metaphor for his short stature.

FIFA’s pariah liked by writers

In his book “The Round Gods”, the Mexican novelist Juan Piro devoted a chapter to Maradona, in which he said, “Maradona had the character of a monster, the difference was. It was enough for his feet to reach a pass and end the match in favor of his team. Perhaps that strength psychologically affected him … Maradona created a world similar to his desires, ignoring reality.” That mist without magic surrounding the stadium. ”

Elsewhere he says, “Let’s stop the legend at the last goal. After recording, Diego ran in joy, and suddenly he saw the TV camera, then went straight at it and shouted in front of its lens like a wounded animal. The outcast lion in FIFA’s eyes had returned to his area. Diego was a victim of admiration. The masses were looking for revenge, but he did not implement it. ”

Novelist Eduardo Sacheri, author of the novel “The Secret in Their Eyes”, also wrote a short story entitled “You must forgive me,” in which he returns to the goal that Maradona scored against the English goal in 1986, as if in his text saying that this goal forgives Maradona for his missteps.

However, what the Argentine writer Ernan Casiari wrote in his book “Respect me, I am your mother,” is closer to what Maradona used to represent for Argentines .. “Do you know why I pray? Because there were moments when we had nothing, nothing on the table, but you gave Happiness to my family Alphonsine was stirring up chaos and thank God that at that exact moment, the news of your winning the World Cup fell upon us … How I would like to tell the world that we have had a few happy times over the past 20 years, and those few times have been, thanks to you. Someone mentions your arrogance and vulgar language; rather, they will say that you were able to raise a sad people and make them happy to the point of madness, even in the darkest times, and so that those moments do not die, I pray.


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