Fauci confirms that Britain has “rushed” to license the Corona vaccine


An expert in the field of infectious diseases in the United States of America, Anthony Fauci, criticized the British government’s licensing of the emerging corona virus vaccine, saying that the decision was hasty, according to “CBS” Thursday.

In an interview with the network, Fauchi said that Britain has relied to a large extent on data coming from vaccine manufacturers, which he believes lacks sufficient scrutiny.

During the interview, Fauci said that Britain was like joining the marathon “in the last mile,” and emphasized that the authorities there “were really quick with that approval.”

During his speech, Fauci praised the measures taken by the US Food and Drug Administration, describing them as “the gold standard of regulation.”

Fauchi confirmed that the US health authorities are working to provide approval for the vaccine “in a very careful manner.”

As manufacturers race to produce an effective vaccine against Corona, Britain has rushed to inform its hospitals that it will receive batches of the “Pfizer and Biontech” vaccine within less than ten days.

According to the newspaper “The New York Times“The US regulators not only accept the manufacturers’ findings, they re-analyze the initial data for the trials in order to verify their authenticity.

In turn, Commissioner for the US Food and Drug Administration, Stephen Hahn, said, “The Health Administration is one of the few regulatory agencies in the world that scrutinizes primary data.”

The US Drug Administration has set a date for December 10 to hold a meeting of an independent panel of experts to review the “Pfizer and Piontech” vaccine, at a time when the British regulators are seeking opinions from a specialized committee as well, but they can act before the committee’s results are issued.

Britain has submitted pre-orders for 40 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but most of them are expected to be given next year, as 800,000 doses will be shipped to Britain only in the coming days.


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