Egyptian artist asks to pray for his wife – in the picture


Egyptian artist requestMuhammad UtakaPraying to his wife after she suffered a sudden health illness and subsequently had to enter the operating room, and he posted on his private page on the social networking site a picture of his wife’s hand with a medical solution needle hung on it and wrote, commenting: “My dear wife is in the operations right now, like that without introductions. Praise be to God anyway. Your prayers, good ones, for the goodness of God be upon you … Our Lord will grant you safety, my dear, and I never see you like this again … O Lord, O Lord, O Lord, have graciously honored you.
It is noteworthy that Muhammad Utaka recently participated in the series “Jamjoom Wam Bam”, which is one of the works of the original Shahid platform and starring Muhammad Salam, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Mirna Jamil and Muhammad Mahmoud, written by Mustafa Saqr, Muhammad Ezz, Karim Yusef, Ibrahim Khattab, and directed by Islam Khairy .


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