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“Tamer and Salma”, the heroes of the film, accompany us with them in their car, in which they roam Palestine to end the crises related to the documents, those documents that are related to their history, which is by nature part of the history of Palestine, and on the way we find that the trip is a symbolic image to search for the Palestinian identity between these roads, that identity Which the enemy has been trying to obliterate for decades, and he may have succeeded in taking steps towards his goal, even if it is in the image of an Arab actor singing “Hava Nagela”, and his Arab sword has forgotten the years of glory. The film “Between Heaven and Earth” allows us to get to know other people and places that we may not know or have heard of before.

The film began its commercial screenings in Egypt through Zawya Cinema on Wednesday, and its director Nagwa Najjar is attending some shows due to her presence in Egypt as a member of the jury of the Cairo Film Festival.

“Between Heaven and Earth” is based on real events about “Tamer and Salma”, a married couple in their thirties who live in the Palestinian territories; After five years of marriage, they agree to divorce, and for that, the spouses face many complications. After Tamer obtains a permit for three days to cross Israeli checkpoints and go to the city of Nazareth to complete the divorce procedures in a court, the spouses are surprised by a secret that completely reverses matters, and they go on a journey They explore themselves and the loss and betrayal they faced.

During its career, the film won many international prizes, including the Naguib Mahfouz Award for Best Screenplay from the Cairo International Film Festival, the Audience Award for the Best Fictional Film at the Boston Palestine Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Middle East Film Festival Now, the Best Actor Award from the Mostra de Valencia Film Festival. In other festivals, including the London Palestine Film Festival, the Malmo Arab Film Festival and the Toronto Palestine International Film Festival.

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“Tears of tears cut the heart” … Reham Saeed accused of torturing animals on a hunting trip on the air (video)

Date: 2020-12-03


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