Discovery: Earth is closer to our galaxy’s supermassive black hole than previously thought


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According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, in addition to approaching the black hole, new data show that the Earth is orbiting the center of the Milky Way galaxy faster by about 141 miles per second.

Although the results may spark fear around the world, the results are accurate because they are due to new observational data that created a better model for our galaxy.

Black hole

The first projection was taken in 1985 by the International Astronomical Union, but Japan’s radio astronomy project VERA has been looking at distance and velocity for 15 years to create a modern model.

VERA consists of radio telescopes all over Japan, allowing astronomers to collect data similar to that of the 1430-diameter satellite dish, which was launched in 2000 with the task of calculating the distance to the emitting stars of radio waves by analyzing their difference.

“Because of the Earth’s presence inside the Milky Way, we cannot retreat and see the shape of the galaxy from the outside,” NAOJ shared, adding, “Therefore, an astronomical measurement, an accurate measurement of the positions and movements of objects, is a vital tool for understanding the general structure of the galaxy and our place in it.”


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