Coronavirus: How has Covid-19 affected emotional relationships?


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People who are most anxious about exposure to the disease may change their dating behavior based on a self-protection mechanism.

Emily, a 29-year-old real estate expert from London, describes herself as being generally closer to an introvert, and has had dating experiences, but even after the UK’s first lockdown restrictions were lifted in July, she was still hesitant. About returning to face-to-face dating.

She says about this: “I was talking to some people through dating applications, but I was not enthusiastic to meet in person with any of them, as the Corona epidemic made me very anxious.”

At the beginning of August, Emily, who did not want to use her full name, agreed to meet someone who she met through a dating app, and this was her first date since March. She says: “We have been exchanging messages for several months, and it was Really nice. ”

But Emily says that when she finally met this person she felt a great hesitation, adding: “I was not sure whether I was ready to date again. Later that day, I sent him a text message explaining my feelings, and his response was that he felt so. Through the language of my body. ”


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