Children and Corona infection … A study reveals the most important truth


A recent study conducted in Spain revealed that the ability of young children to transmit the emerging corona virus is very limited, which means that this age group can benefit more than others from easing the preventive restrictions imposed due to the epidemic.

According to the “Marsa News” website, the study conducted at the Val Dibron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​Spain, showed that only 8 percent of children infected with Coronavirus transmit the infection to their families.

The researchers found that only 86 boys, out of 1081 over the age of eighteen, transmitted the infection to their relatives after their positive case was diagnosed between July and October of this year.

The director of the Department of Infectious Diseases in Children at the hospital believes that this study confirms the findings of previous studies regarding the weak transmission of young children for infection, which is scientifically known as “SARS Cove 2”.

This study comes amid an ongoing debate about the safe form of health to continue the study, in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic that affected tens of millions of people in the world.

Advocates of urban education say that distance education is totally insufficient, because education requires direct interaction, and since young people are not very vulnerable to injury and complications, it is better for them to return to their classes.

But this “enthusiastic” opinion of returning children to school is also opposed, because young students live with old people at home, and may harm their relatives, even if they are not affected by the Corona virus because they are still young.

According to the study, 47 percent of children who are infected with the emerging corona virus do not show any symptoms of “Covid 19”.Among those who had symptoms, fever was more common, at 70.6 percent, followed by headache (24.5 percent), fatigue (24.3 percent), and diarrhea (16.3 percent).

Even when symptoms of “Covid 19” appear, they are rarely hospitalized for treatment, as are older people, who pose the epidemic a real threat to their lives.


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