Billie Eilish stole the trend from Saqqara girl because of these songs


International artist Billie Eilish launched a number of successful artworks, the last of which is the song therefore i am as she did not take any break during this year and revealed through her interview with Vanity Fair some details of her life.

The songs of the international artist Billie Eilish that caught the attention and topped the trend:

As the 18-year-old international artist Billie Eilish revealed that she currently has 16 new songs that she is working on now with her brother, producer Finneas, and was able to make her mark clearly in the world of singing.

And the international artist Billie Eilish thanks to her charming talent that made her one of the most important singing stars in the whole world, despite her young age and she won a large number of important awards during 2020.

As it competes with the most important and famous singing stars in the world, and one of the most important awards that Billie Eilish has won is the Billboard Music Awards, Brit Awards, Grammy Award and other awards.


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